This little MetroidVania-like game was made for the Metroidvania Month 15 Game jam.  the Theme was "Potions", so I decided to just go all in and build it from the ground up to be about, well, making a potion! 

Story: You are a potion witch (well, just an apprentice...).  You have been tasked with gathering some ingredients for your boss, who has a client wanting a love potion.  Gather the ingredients (a large toadstool, a newt eye, and an octopus tentacle) before delivering the potion to the lovestruck client.  But be careful: the creatures that those ingredients belong to would rather like to keep them for their selves, thank you very much!

I know the controls are a bit... Janky, but I don't have time to fix them.  I plan to take my time after the jam and learn how to do key binding.  but for now, I am just kind of stuck with this

Movement: Left and Right Keys
Jump: Space
Hover: Hold Space While Falling
Change Attack : D
Cast a Spell: A
Shrink: Down
Swim: Hold Space To Swim Up

I also planed to have a simple dialogue to guide the player along, but I am stumped on that.  So, for now (until I have time at some unknown point in the future) there is no dialogue

 All of the art, mechanics, sound, etc. was made by me, using Gdevelop5, Aseprite, and 1bitDragon.  

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorEli Haun
GenrePlatformer, Action, Adventure
Made withPixiJS
Tags1bitdragon, Casual, gdevelop5, Metroidvania, mvm, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer

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hm, maybe I su ck but I feeel like I am stuck. (that unintended rhyme...)
I got the swim upgrade.
after said boss you go into the water and swim right.
Now you can go either up (which leads back to the area before the boss), to the right.
or down into that air chamber.
ause I can I went in there.
but I cant swim out again.
in the flat water with the visible water surface you can swim normally.
butright next, in the upward water channel I jsut can swim upwards cause there the jump mechanics (vs the swim mechanics) are used.
so I can only jump and glide in that tube, but I cant swim up as it is intended :-(

so I cant get out of there at all :-(

Hmm... It MIGHT be your browser?  some browsers don't act right with GDevelop web player?  Otherwise, the way to do it is 1-beat mushroom boss, then the lizard boss.  after beating lizard, go right one screen, then up.  Just hold space till you jump over the bridge (it will auto jump over the bridge if you hold space), then head left till you get the the other water area.  If for some reason you CANT leave the first waters 'hallway', then I have no idea how to help.

Like I said at the top, maybe try a different browser.  I play tested (AKA beat the whole game) on Windows10 with Chrome.  (1660ti GPU, 10500 4.5Gh CPU), so the only thing I can suggest is the browser.  sorry.  

Haha, funny thing: This time I tried to play in chrome, got to the lizrd as usual and spammed fire.
got his health down to zero (or below) and then that guy jsut regenerated both health bars.
attacking him further (element doesnt matter) shows damage done animation but health bars dont decrease.
and he keeps doing his water and tongue attacks as usual.

seems like spamming him to death with fire has turned him into an immortal god instead :-D

so sadly I cant tell you if that other thing also happens on chrome.
as I cant get past the lizard anymore :-/

another about 2 minutes later, I did another run, "killed" the lizward with lightning this time.
same thing as last time , upon depleting the 2 health bars, he jsut regenrates back to full and is immortal.

somehow I manage to achieve the weirdest stuff :-D

by the way is the potion lady supposed to be talkbale?
like I can go in there but nothing happens no matter which button I press when next/on top of her

Actually... No. th witch does nothing.  I was GOING to have her give you a mission and all that, but since this was a game jam (and my first platformer), I ended up running out of time.  I do plan to go back and add/fix a few things in the game, but it may be a while

I think it must be the engine being weird on html. Sorry.