The Theme of the GB jam 8 was 'game boy', so... I made a game about finding game boy games!  The game itself is REALLY short, but almost everything except the couches are interact-able.  For my first completed jam/game, I don't think it came out too bad!  

Keyboard controls: arrow keys for movement.  Z is interact. X is cancel/go back. enter is start
Joy-pad controls: D-pad is movement.  A is select, B is cancel. Start is start

Note: I have trouble using a joy-pad.  It seems that the keys are weird.  YMMV.

if you hit start, you have to hit cancel (z or b) to exit the menu.  Hitting start again will open the menu in the menu, making you have to hit B TWICE, and so on. I have NO idea why!

All of the art, story, and game play was made by me, Eli Haun

Music by krümel (crumb)#0723
you can find it here:

This game was made in GB Studio:

Made for the GBjam8

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorEli Haun
Tagscollectathon, Game Boy, gbjam8, html, Singleplayer, Slice Of Life


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I love this game!


Thank you!  it was fun to make (and actually complete for once)


Really enjoyed it, hopefully the lock will get put on that toybox! :)

we ALL have had cousins come over and suddenly computer games go missing!!! :-)

Sadly, It is something many of us can relate to!